Defrag Tools: #77 - WPT Example - CPU

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In this episode of Defrag Tools, Trey Nash joins Chad Beeder to demonstrate how the Windows Performance Toolkit was used to solve a performance issue in a time sensitive application.

Windows 8.1 SDK (Windows Performance Toolkit)

[00:00] - The issue...
[03:18] - Windows Performance Analyzer (WPA)
[04:02] - System Configuration
[04:37] - Computation graphs
[07:18] - CPU Usage (Sampled) - Stacks
[09:03] - CPU #0 sent an IPI to CPU #1 to clear a TLB
[10:02] - Readying Thread queue
[11:28] - Changing the Timeline view
[18:30] - Pivot, Filter and Sort to see the CPU scheduling history
[24:45] - Power graphs - CPU Idle State
[25:35] - CPU #1 was in C2 idle state
[27:10] - Save your preset
[28:00] - Email us your issues at



The Discussion

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    Great show! Another non trivial case and brilliant solution! More examples with graph advanced settings are welcome! :)

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    Hi, great show once again. Trey, where is it possible to find the background picture?

  • User profile image

    @Ronald: That was the Bing search page from Jan. 29. I don't know if it's available to download from anymore, but you can do a Bing search for "bing image archives" and find it. :)

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    @Chad : Thanks, but it was the thread scheduling one :-)

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    You guys rock! Please continue your shows on WPT - these are very helpful.

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    Alois Kraus

    Amazing show. I have noticed that you have suport for wait chain analysis baked into WPA. This is not yet part of the official WPA tool. When will we get this?
    Wait chain analysis is pretty complex but possible right now. It would be a huge help for anyone analyzing wait chains when this functionality is also released!

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    Alois Kraus

    @Ronald: The thread scheduling picture is at least partially visible at:

    Check out the CPU Precise Graph section.
    Unfortunately one of the editors did cut it to make it fit the column width.

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