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In this episode of Defrag Tools, Chad Beeder is joined by Steve Thomas to talk about Application Virtualization (App-V) troubleshooting techniques.

Windows Application Virtualization
Sysinternals Process Explorer
Sysinternals Strings
Sysinternals Process Monitor


[00:00] - What is App-V? What is it good for?
[02:59] - What tools are useful for troubleshooting App-V?
[05:40] - Narrow down the problem - did it happen during sequencing or virtualization?
[06:35] - App-V uses a lot of advanced NTFS features
[07:53] - Example of diagnosing an App-V problem - starting with Process Explorer
[09:49] - De-virtualize the application using the App-V sequencer
[12:20] - Use the Strings utility to find the error
[13:54] - Use Process Monitor to track down what DLL is missing

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