Defrag Tools: #82 - Performance Counters - Part 1

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In this episode of Defrag Tools, Andrew Richards, Chad Beeder and Larry Larsen begin a multi-part series on how Performance Counters work and how to add them to an application. This episode focuses on the (statistical) counter types that determine how the (raw) data is reported.

Performance Counter Schema
Performance Counter Types

[00:00] - Performance Monitor
[01:38] - Process, Processor & Physical Disk
[02:30] - Instances
[07:15]Instrumentation Manifest
[08:56]Counter Types
[13:25] - Sample cadence and overall duration
[15:18] - Performance Counter Frequency
[16:10] - QueryPerformanceCounter
[16:22] - [Side note] - Changing the IE new tab behavior
[16:47] - LARGE_INTEGER union
[17:46] - Get Start time, Call Function, Get End time, Log the Delta
[19:48] - Email us your issues at



The Discussion

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    pushp kumar

    How manifest finds various insances.
    Can I define/customis different instance of same dll?
    What's the crux instances in manifest file.I can't see any code which declare/define instance properties in manifest file like counter set and all e.g. name ,id, aggregate,Uri etc.
    How does performance system knows how many instances of this counter exist?

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