Defrag Tools #94 - Sysinternals Strings, FindStr, !pde.ssz

Play Defrag Tools #94 - Sysinternals Strings, FindStr, !pde.ssz

The Discussion

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    Right click on the clock and go to Properties, it will take you to the same customization of icons screen.

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    @olexiy:Also, the "Customize notification icons" screen Andrew was on has a "Turn system icons on or off" link at the bottom which also takes you to the same place.

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    If you do not need regex you can try searching with Windows Explorer (google "windows explorer search contents" or check this animated instruction).

    But for regular expression I had to install Total Commander, and it is really painful to log in into Virtual Machine to quickly check logs and find out that Total Commands is not installed...

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    Just noticed - this show (#94), actually downloads as DefragTools93_high.mp4

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    I have 2 questions:
    1.) What is the point of using Strings.exe with FindStr.exe? They kind of seem like the same thing - provided your goal is to simply find a string in any kind of file.
    2.) Why do I (and you in your video) get the "FINDSTR: Line XXXX is too long." error message? Is there some limitation on FindStr that is bombs if the file is too big? If so, is there a better alternative to FindStr that will much larger files/lines?

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