Defrag Tools: Live - TechEd 2014 - Mark Russinovich

Play Defrag Tools: Live - TechEd 2014 - Mark Russinovich

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    The VirusTotal feature is great, but VirusTotal doesn't report, if a signature is of known or unknown origin, or when it was first entered into the system and the reputable vendor rating is voted on by community users. Many anti-virus vendors do provide such services (Comodo, Symantec, to name some of prominence) and provide this information via an API on their systems for use with tools that are very similar to yours. Would it be possible to also integrate with those? That'd be awesome.

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    Mark's VirusTotal integrated Process Explorer plus Malwarebytes saved my brothers laptop from a nasty bit of software that blocked Malwarebytes download, some functions in Process Explorer, and created a proxy server on the local host. Thank you Mark for this lovely tool, and thank you Defrag Tools team for brining quality content week after week.

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