Defrag Tools: Live - TechEd 2014 - Paula Januszkiewicz Part 2

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Paula Januszkiewicz joins Andrew Richards and Larry Larsen for two live sessions of Defrag Tools. We go through a wide variety of security topics. This episode focuses on the tools and techniques that Paula uses when penetrating systems.

Paula's TechEd Sessions:
TWC: CSI: Windows - Techniques for Finding the Cause of the Unexpected System Takeovers
TWC: Recalling Windows Memories: Useful Guide to Retrieving and Analyzing Memory Content
TWC: Hacker's Perspective on Your Windows Infrastructure: Mandatory Check List



The Discussion

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    This has to be one the greatest video ever posted on Channel 9!

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    Re the last utilman.exe bit. If the OS disk was protected with BitLocker, they wouldn't have been able to get in an change it.

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    A good question for Paula is how does she keep up to date with the tools and techniques? That's a full time job in its own right.
    And keeping up with and defending against the potentially bad guys (sometimes state sponsored or 'student' types with lots of time on their hands) who are doing it 14hrs a day 6 days a week ...

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