Defrag Tools - //build/ 2015

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Defrag Tools won't be at //build/ this year, but we didn't want you to miss out. I'm happy to announce:

      PDE v10.0 (debugger extension) is now available on the Defrag Tools OneDrive

Version 10.0 has lots of minor changes that I've added over the months (especially error codes in !err). The v9.x series got to v9.13 with these minor fixes. What put it over the line to v10.0 is the support for CLR Native applications (a.k.a. MRT).

The !dse command (Display Stowed Exceptions) now displays the associated MRT (CLR) Exception of the Stowed Exception. This is very similar to how CLR Exceptions are discovered. Instead of using SOS, MRT uses mrt100sos.dll or mrt100sos_x86.dll (depending on the target). The command is ! -ccw <nested exception> . The same command(s) for CLR Exceptions is !sos.dumpccw <addr> --> ! <managed object address>.


Defrag Tools will return (soon) with new Windows 10 content, and more tip-n-tricks that can be used on Windows Vista/7/8/10. As always, email us your questions and comments to


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