Defrag Tools #137 - Debugging Kernel Mode Crashes and Hangs

Play Defrag Tools #137 - Debugging Kernel Mode Crashes and Hangs

The Discussion

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    Good to see kernel mode debugging (my favorite). As always 5 stars (a) ! By the way, guys, as an alternative to the !process 0 0 command you may check out !ps command from DbgKit extension (a)

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    [08:58] Most likely this crash is fixed by KB 3055343

    heah, you found my answer on superuser :D


    [10:22] Dump #2: Manually-generated crash dump of a system hang, submitted by Channel 9 viewer Tom

    was !running (-t) not helpful here?

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    Having the fact that the issue only occurs while the screensaver is running (meaning, the computer is idling) in mind, I would check Turn off hard disk after setting under Advanced Settings of Power Options. It is very likely that if this setting is enabled (we do see ACPI driver on the stack, so there are chances it is) and the old Nvidia driver does not know how to handle these kind of requests from the power manager, it results into the disk being reset.

    Even though disabling that Power setting might not resolve the issue (while upgrading the drivers could), it could work as a workaround.

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    @TDabasinskas... it is an interesting idea to try and disable the "turn off hard disk after..." setting. Unfortunately, I did try setting "turn off hard disk after" to NEVER... and unfortunately, the lockup with screen saver happened.

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