Microsoft WebMatrix Beta 3 - New Features

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    very good. How much integration is there between web matrix and mvc? Does mvc have the same deployment features?  Can I add web matrix pages to an existing mvc application?

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    The new Razor syntax works across both Web Pages and MVC 3 (in fact, Razor is the default view engine in MVC3), so the compatibility is quite strong.

    MVC itself does not have a deployment story, per se. Visual Studio 2010, however, does support the WebDeploy protocol, so you can certainly use WebDeploy from VS2010 to deploy an MVC application.

    Last, but not least, yes, once ASP.NET Web Pages and MVC 3 are fully released, you should be able to add ASP.NET Web Pages to an MVC may be able to do that today if you have the MVC3 RC installed, but I have not tested that personally.


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    webmatrix seems to be really easy for starters! 

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