1 | Shift to DevOps Inside MSFT: An engineer's perspective

Play 1 | Shift to DevOps Inside MSFT: An engineer's perspective


In this episode of DevOps Dimension, we will explore an often asked question in a real world context, "what really happens to Dev and Ops in a DevOps transformation?"  We're fortunate here at MSFT to have numerous DevOps journeys of our own to share. Today we will dig into the Visual Studio team's, through the eyes and expertise of Greg Luebbert and Sankar Gowthavaram, with your hosts, David Tesar and Thiago Almeida.

[01:39] What's different now with a Dev & Ops integration
[05:45] Differences between environments before integration
[11:06] How is monitoring different in a DevOps world
[16:30] Catching issues sooner
[21:06] What are some of the skills you have grown in the DevOps world
[23:45] How has your work changed working with the different environments now?
[26:05] Change management
[27:35] Automation and release management
[31:35] Problem management improvements
[42:30] Practical tips for moving towards a DevOps team
[48:22] Connect with the DevOps Dimension Show

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