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At DevOps Days London, Oguz Pastirmaci interviews Kris Saxton. Kris delivered a session called Bimodal IT and Other Snakeoil which discusses what Bimodal IT is and critiques this flawed strategic approach to IT. He argues that it is problematic for the following reasons - it fails promoting stability and reduce risk in mode 1 systems; there is false sense of agility in mode 2; and culturally, it creates walls between people and teams. Instead, we need to bring legacy and innovative worlds together because neither can succeed without the other.

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  • [01:07] What is bimodal IT?
  • [02:04] Why do you disagree with biomodal IT?
  • [04:36] What are common pain points preventing two modes from working together?
  • [06:16] What is the first step organizations can take?
  • [07:44] What are your ideas around Cloud, public vs. private?
  • [11:03] How to get started?

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