4 | Bing Experimentation and Testing at Scale

Play 4 | Bing Experimentation and Testing at Scale


David Tesar and Thiago Almeida sit down with Craig Miller and Chap Alex the Bing team to discuss their journey toward DevOps and the improvements they have made to how they build, deploy, and manage the Bing software platform. Check out the video or dive into the specific point below, then continue the story with the next steps below.

Time Stamps

  • [01:05] Why experimenting at scale?
  • [02:15] How has this impacted the way people at Bing Work?
  • [06:57] What have you learned and next steps?
  • [14:25] Have you noticed code quality improvements?
  • [24:16] What are some testing recommendations?
  • [34:44] How do you validate testing?
  • [43:20] Do you apply machine learning?

Next Steps

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