8 | Docker Best Practices & Industry Future

Play 8 | Docker Best Practices & Industry Future
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Learn straight from Patrick Chanezon at Docker about containerization best practices, how Docker relates to the DevOps movement, and insights on where the future in the Docker/containerization space is headed. We’ll cover tips across building, shipping, and running your containers in production.

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  • [01:26] What does Docker provide?
  • [03:09] How Docker and containers fit with DevOps?
  • [06:06] Why Docker as we move into hybrid clouds?
  • [08:55] What are some containerization tips in the build phase?
  • [15:46] What are some containerization tips in the ship phase?
  • [21:32] What are some containerization tips in the run phase?
  • [28:56]  Where is the industry heading?
  • [31:45] What are unikernels?
  • [35:57] How to get started?

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The Discussion

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    Can docker been use to open a bash container everytime we incert a usb pen in a windows 10 machine, because we all know that usb pens can container windows malware and then infect a computer

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