9 | DevOps & Deployment Automation Best Practices with Octopus Deploy

Play 9 | DevOps & Deployment Automation Best Practices with Octopus Deploy
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It is often thought that deployment automation is difficult and takes time away from working on features but the benefits can outweigh the costs in the long run. Damian Brady, Solution Architect at Octopus Deploy, discusses DevOps practices around deployment automation in this episode of DevOps Dimensions. Learn the reasons and benefits why to automate, deployment best practices, and what not to do in terms of deployment automation. 

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  • [00:45] What are some deployment automation best practices?
  • [01:49] Why should you automate?
  • [04:36] Why should you deploy consistently across environments?
  • [08:00] Where to start with deployment automation?
  • [15:10] What are barriers to automation and how to get over them?
  • [25:00] How to get started?

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