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Building and deploying web apps with Static Web Apps

Play Building and deploying web apps with Static Web Apps

The Discussion

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    5:23 - in the subtitles: "This will parse [inaudible]" should be "This is what password managers are for."
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    Our org uses Azure DevOps Git repos. It wants to use Azure Static Web. But Azure static web cant use their own git, it only can use an external github. This makes no sense. In our Org, all our devs have Devops accounts, not github accounts. Thus we cant use Azure Static Web service. We dont want to have to create and manage security and single signon for github when we already have Azure Devops which works great with our tools and pipelines. Or is MS going to get rid of Dev ops? Is this the first sign?

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    Hi John, you can rest assured that Azure DevOps support is coming, you can track the progress here:

    Please remember that at present Static Web Apps is in Preview, so there was a limit to what scenarios and features could be implemented.

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