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ARM Series #1: Demystifying ARM Templates- Introduction

Play ARM Series #1: Demystifying ARM Templates- Introduction

The Discussion

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    is there an ARM template avail. for all existing azure resources? if not, what is the recommended "fallback" option?
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    @cloudbound: Yes you can always go in the Azure Portal and for all Resource Group and each resources, click the Export template (from the left menu option).

    We will have a episode that will cover all the options you get an ARM template for Resource X... ;)
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    It's really great! Although I'm old school I still didn't have opportunity to apply these skills on the enterprise envirnoment in this way. The news to ARM Templates from last MSBuild are awesome , one question: What this differ os PowerShell DSC or Azure Blueprint? Seems there is new overlap this tools, I feeling like you guys starts a "vibe" and on the middle of way starts another. Is azure blueprint and DSC drive to governance and audit while Arm to automation deploy withless concern about this topics, right?
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    very good presentation, this is my first step in ARM World !!! so great
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    Do you understand that half the reason that terraform has become so popular is because of ARM templates?
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    Of course. Everyone knows that even with all the new tooling, ARM is still difficult to author. That would be why we are investing in project Bicep.

    That said, Terraform is a fantastic cross cloud IaC solution. If you love terraform, keep using it. Just please use IaC in your DevOps world.

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