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Deploying Azure Functions with VSTS

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Damian is joined by fellow Aussie Simon Waight at the MVP Summit to talk about deploying Azure Functions with VSTS. Many Azure DevOps demos show how to deploy websites, but there are so many Azure features. Simon shows us how easy it is to deploy Azure Functions, both consumption and service plans, including writing configuration settings and letting Application Insights know about a release.

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The Discussion

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    Stef Heyenrath

    Online playback from this video stops at ~1.40 ?

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    @Stef Heyenrath:It's playing back fine for me, tested it on several browsers. I need add the YouTube iframe as well, so give it a try now!

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    This video does not show how to deploy it!
    It shouws already clreated pipeline which is running... I've just wasted 20 min watching it.

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    this doesn't work if have two azure function projects and you need to deploy those to two function apps within a service plan.

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