Deploying your Azure Infrastructure with Terraform

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Abel sits down with Technical Solutions Professional April Edwards to talk about using Terraform to deploy to Azure. In today's DevOps world, Infrastructure as Code is a vital component.

ARM templates are great but can be difficult to author. Terraform is a great option. Not only can you use Terraform as your IaC for Azure, it works across multiple clouds and even on prem.

In this episode, April dives in and shows us how to define and deploy our infrastructure into Azure using Terraform.

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The Discussion

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    This is really helpful to me. Thanks
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    Terraform FTW. Makes ci/cd pipelines so much easier than with ARM Templates. ARM Templates need to support YAML, like, last year. JSON is great for data exchange, but it is not well suited for use as a templating language.
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    Azure Api Management support is very bad in Terraform and especially if you need to add it into a Virtual Network. It's open issues on Git hub on this, but seams that they (Microsoft) who manage the api for Api Management, don't care fix problem, so it can be used by Terraform. To sad, because it prevents to use Terraform all the way.

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    I am finding it hard the support of importing Azure functions into API management using Terraform.

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