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Easily Track Where Your Work Item Has Been Deployed With The New Deployments Control

Play Easily Track Where Your Work Item Has Been Deployed With The New Deployments Control

The Discussion

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    How can we do this in the multi-stage YAML pipelines?

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    Chris O

    We are already using this, but we need to be able to pull this information out into a query or report outside of the WI... any guidance or API call that can be used?

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    Love this, and it's great. I was under the impression though that all feature development was going toward YAML pipelines. I'm totally onboard with YAML , but it doesn't yet have feature parity with the Classic editor, and things like this just make the "Classic" editor more appealing. Can't wait for YAML to catch up with the classic editor.

    I really hope that when this does eventually make it to YAML pipelines that it's not an "external" setting configured outside of the YAML, like work item linking is today. YAML makes sense because it's a single place to configure everything; you configure one pipeline with everything you like and can easily replicate it (e.g. make a best practices template).
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    Umer F

    Same issue as Chris. Love this feature but wanted to take it to the next level for Product Owners and Scrum Masters to be able to query work items based on deployment status, but can't. Please expose the deployment field as a field that can be queried. Thanks.

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    I hoped I could query the data that was set by the the deployment control feature but reading the comments here I guess that would be time wasted.

    I think to get a report about "what got deployed when" I will continue to experiment with the "Generate Release Notes" extension.
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    I agree that getting this info out in a report is important. We have auditing that is forward and backward auditing that we have to meet. We currently have custom powershell to do changeset walking to identify parent work items and link them on a custom Release work item type. One big thing I noticed is the changeset was linked to the Issue. This is not the normal Microsoft process for development. Changesets are linked to tasks with the appropriate discipline selected which are then linked to respective parents. That is how all of the sprint boards are based off of when you look at planning and such. Not sure why these features are being built that don't follow the workflow of the existing system?
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    Just chiming in that it would be very helpful if this could be exposed in the Analytics views or OData querying. Seeing which work items are in which stage without going in to each seems impossible right now.
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    Is this feature available for SVN Source control?
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    Rosie Jones

    Definitely need to be able to easily report on which developments are part of a particular release and which releases have gone to which environments. Being able to filter by deployment status is a must please :) Does anyone know if there is a User Voice comment open which we can vote on for this?

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    Is this available for multi stage YAML pipelines?

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    Me Too

    Also looking for this in the multi-stage YAML pipelines!

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    this is a fine introduction, but we are missing the possiblity to query workitem out from which release/stage it has been release in.
    or query out which workitem was in this release. Other than insight the release.

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    still not available for YAML?

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