Real World Mobile DevOps with VSTS and App Center

Play Real World Mobile DevOps with VSTS and App Center
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Damian talks to James Montemagno about using Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) and App Center to manage your mobile application DevOps process.  James explains how you can use both tools together, and shows us how the Xamarin team does DevOps for their own Xamarin Live Player app.


- Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS):

- App Center:

- Xamarin Live Player:





The Discussion

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    Shivangi Roy

    I appreciate your work on DevOps. It's such a wonderful read on DevOps. Keep sharing stuffs like this. I am also educating people on similar technologies so if you are interested to know more you can watch this:-

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    I feel that for trivial applications setting up all the "form" based tasks/steps can work, but for real life applications you'd want your build scripts to live alongside your codebase, as first class citizens.

    On our projects we're using Cake Build & Jenkins, and since we're using Cake scripts, as we plan to transition to VSTS, everything should work out of the box (mostly).

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