Running your First Docker Container in Azure

Play Running your First Docker Container in Azure

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    You know, I have been getting across Docker and Containers for a while, but very much piecemeal.. this is one of the clearest demo/examples I have seen!  the bonus being hosting the image in Azure and then creating the Web App Container so easily!

    I am keen to understand Kubernetes, but as you quite rightly say, a lot of people, certainly dev's testing this stuff don't need all that orchestration initially anyway!


    Many thanks for this - my next step is to link in to Azure Dev Ops to build/deploy using the CI there too :)  maybe another demo like this one? :)


    Cheers guys! 

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    John Rackliff

    Started out building PC's in 1991, then graduated to SQL databases, Linux servers, and then learnt programming for 100's of the newest applications thru to today. Containers still baffle me. I suspect they're for major Corporations who spend 500K per year on IT. If you're an IT consultant, stay with your local physical inhouse servers - especially email servers. The cloud has the potential to cripple the US economy. Any inside job (insider planting a Malware bug) can take down the entire Azure, AWS, or any cloud provider. One insider bug can wipe out all data and all backups. No joke. Stay inhouse!!!

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    Microsoft want to skip the docker hub?(a)

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    @liuning0820:No, you can use Docker Hub if you want!

    Azure Container Registry is just a private registry you can run from Azure. A private alternative :)

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