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    Wow! Great video!

    That's by far the hardest job I've seen out of all of you guys at Microsoft - even the PreOS guys have something to work from.

    It looks like the type of thing which can swing from the most boring and downright irritatating job on the planet to one of the most intellectually interesting and (dare I say it) even exciting tasks that there is.

    Sounds like the type of job that I'd enjoy for a month, but want to get out of before it killed me - or maybe it's addictive in a strange way. There's certainly nothing else like it Tongue Out
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    Agreed, at least on my side. Part of me thinks about how much fun and intellectually challenging this sort of job would be full-time. But then the realist in me realizes how frustrating it must be at times as well, and there's no way I would give up my current job for something like this.

    However, I think it is something I'm going to have to try in the future before my career is over Smiley.

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    Chris Jackson
    I've never had a more fun job in my life. But it can be frustrating. Particularly on problems that take you a couple of days to sort out. But it sure feels awesome when you finally solve them!

    What's really crazy are the folks who have done this so long that they just dump hex to the screen, look at it as if it were The Matrix code, and proclaim what the problem is. Scary. I at least need assembler, and I sure prefer symbols.

    I hear the AEBIT team is looking for a few amazing debuggers, Jason...
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    I sound like a snob saying this... Can't MS splurge a little ($200) and get a unipod/tripod, lavalier mics and a radio shack mixer?  It'd make listening to the excellent content much easier and less like listening through a storm grate and watching from on deck of the SS Minnow.  In fact, next video I'd be more than happy to loan the equipment.

    Gov is an amazingly talented individual, he received some very high visibility this last year from way up the food chain.  In fact I suspect he's really an alien in disguise based on the insane number of people he's helped in email threads.

    I don't know Chris but good job to both of you guys!!!

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    Hey jrg. Yeah, sorry about the quality. Most of that (if not all of it) is that I'm still learning to use this equipment. So my apologies.
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    evildictaitor wrote:
    I mean, seriously, what were they thinking!?

     My guess, it was a quick way to enable user gui design customizations to carry forward into the app .. skin the app with current desktop theme; An opportunistic approach to streamlining the end-user experience. 

     Seems kinda like a hack I might try to avoid writing in alot of extra property tabs for appearance. Wink

    Keep up the good work .... where can I get some quick tips on getting started with these 'shims' ... sounds like my kinda ting! Maybe you could put together a demonstration of 'Shimming An App'


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    I am an infant when it comes to everything you were discussing.  I am glad someone is taking the time to put it all together.  I for one need all the information I can get my hands on and getting it from the source is a luxury.

    Keep up the flow of information, and perhaps at some point I might come looking for AEBIT myself.  I enjoy a challenge and the triumph over the impossible is unparalleled.

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