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Screencast - Transactional NTFS


Right click “Save as…”

Welcome everybody to the inaugural, first ever, grand opening, “opening the doors to the public” celebration day kick-off for the new “Developer, Meet Server” screencast series.

I am your sincere, humble (as ever), gracious and wonderful host/chef/tour guide Jason Olson.

In this series of screencasts we will be diving through all the various cool developer-oriented enhancements on the Windows Server "Longhorn" platform that developers can leverage to build robust and powerful applications. Specifically, in this first screencast, we will take a quick peek at Transactional NTFS. In future screencasts, we will go into a more detailed look at Transactional NTFS, so think of this as a quick introduction.

This screencast is more PPT-heavy than normal as there are some basics we need to cover as an introduction into the series. Expect future installments to focus a lot more on getting into the nitty gritty of the code itself.

Sample Code: Transactional NTFS Demos.

-Jason Olson


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  • LarsenalLarsenal ready to give an answer
    Good stuff!  Keep on posting.
  • Very cool stuff indeed:s. Could I use this to install many files, such as a whole application?
  • Neil, you could if you are using your own installer routine. However, the installers that exist in the market now either don't have transactional capabilities, are they use their own transaction behaviors (which can't be 100% guaranteed since they are not baked into the driver like TxF (although certain installers come close)). 

    To use TxF in Vista and Windows Server "Longhorn," it is an explicit model now, as opposed to the implicit model it was before Beta 2 of Vista. So, to leverage TxF, your could will have to change. 

    Installers though are one of the markets we will be targeting eventually with TxF. So keep your ears open Smiley
  • William Staceystaceyw Before C# there was darkness...
    Great topic Jason and nice work.  This should help solve an age old issue of downloads and not seeing the file until your actually finished with the download and another process is looking for new files.  Great stuff.  Just can't believe it took 20 years to get TxF into windows, but very glad you have it now.  Cheers.
  • Been waiting on this for a while Smiley

    Thanks, more please.

  • Actual IM conversation I just had about this screencast.

    Scott says:
    No more having to write "make backup copy" DTS tasks for your multi-gigabyte Access exports<grin>
    brian says:
    brian says:
    I'd probably do that anyway, just for nostalgia's sake.
    Scott says:
    Yeah, but make it transactional.
    brian says:
    Make everything transactional.
    brian says:
    You get interrupted while taking a whiz?  Whoosh, it goes back in.
    Scott says:
    each keypress or mouse move should have commit and rollback capabilities.
    brian says:
    brian says:
    We should totally be product managers.
  • jamesclrk wrote:
    Ummm... do we really need another one of these? I'd dig a Beck iPod, or a Wynton Marsellis iPod (in fact, that makes sense, considering the iTunes session...)


    I'm sorry, but... wha?!? What are you talking about?
  •   jamesclrk 's post looks a lot like blog spam for his website to me.  Administrators should review his postings and boot him if necessary.
  • thanks keep posting such interesting stuff.. thanks   MichaelJ

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