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    I would say you have to go with solid state drive... faster.... uses less energy.

    Ive been dreaming about using a netbook as a portable phone with skype in and out.

    I mean really... why pay iphone prices for little bitty apps and bad phone service?


    let me boot up to a stripped down O.S.

    where i can make and receive calls and when im not connected save my voicemails to be uploaded to outlook when I finally get a connection

    put a screen on the outside of the netbook that just allows me simply management of my emails and phone calls and light web browsing and document creation.

    while the real OS is in hibernation.


    when i open the netbook let me have my full blow OS.


    dont even set up computer stations at public places.. just install a screen i can wirelessly and securely connect to.

    including inflight on airplanes and trains.


    i purchased the iphone and returned it before the 30 days were up so i could see the big hoopla...

    its really just eye candy... the dev tools and dev environment is not that great.

    at the end of the day its was still a phone that let me do various things when i was bored or lost.


    i like the GPS enabled apps where you can find stuff and it has the best webbrowsing but non of this is ground breaking stuff

    there are many websites that still break.

    its only innovative cause everyone else is concentrating on other things.

    its just a social status symbol actually.


    I think windows mobile 7 will come with something better thann iphone...

    but who cares about any type of iphone.


    just add some phone capabilities to a netbook like i said and maybe a little pocket controller so you can keep the netbook in the bag

    and a blue tooth headset man.  thats all you need.


    we should be WAY past this stage already.

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    IPhones rock, the best gadget on the planet, seriously.

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    what would you rather have... a phone with the capabilities of the iphone

    or a phone with the capabilities of a windows ( or Mac ).


    im not hating on Apple man.. thier stuff looks pretty.



    but if i had a lightweight machine the size of a kindle or netbook.

    with the full capabilities of an operating system like Mac or Windows

    with a detachable keyboard to expose more screen real estate

    touch screen that can convert into a tablet

    and on the reverse side of the screen a cheapo interface to phone/texts/email/google or bing searches

    when my regular OS is in hibernation.


    then a small little pocket thing i can use as a handset

    note taker

    dictation device


    and a blue tooth ear piece


    with a monthly data connection,cloud account

    and skype account


    you pretty much cover all the possible bases at bargain basement prices.


    who cares if its a mac or pc.


    the iphone sucks.


    its only because companies havent gotten thier act together

    and consumers dont have the information to demand this type of scenario.

    they just keep buying incrementally better things until either they broke or they run out of time


    i used the iphone for 30 days man.

    and all i did was the same things i did before .. call, text, and take pictures.

    like i said the only thing different is the apps that are location aware and the speed at which they appear.


    its like a tom tom or nuvi with phone capabilities.


    and the phone service sucks too.


    we should demand more


    like Don Box says... these problems are not really that hard... just point the engineers at the problem. 


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    Dave, talking about performance of win7 and developer tools on the netbook - how is battery life? I'm asking this as browsing the web it seems people using netbooks are either sticking with xp or going back to it because of the drastic time loss of the netbook running on battery under win7 (most report a 30-40% drop in battery life compared to xp home sp3).

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    My Netbook came with Vista Basic and I have been running Windows 7 Ultimate on it.  Performance and battery life are noticeably better in my opinion.  Not sure about Windows XP I never ran it on it.  I imagine if you have an older Netbook that wasn't Win7 certified than you might see better performance on XP. 

    By and large though there are so many improvements in Win7 to help battery life.  For instance on XP if you shut off your wireless card most of the Network services still run and take up cpu cycles (thus draining more battery).  In Windows 7 there is something new called Trigger Start services and you will find even some of the default services utilize that.  For example lmhosts service will not go out and try and get an ipaddress if it sees the nic is disabled. 

    If I am doing any serious development though I try and plug into AC power and run on "High Performance."  I need all the horsepower I can get from the little guy.  Smiley


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    On the mobile front we announced we will be talking about the next version of Windows phones at MIX10.  March 15th-17th in Las Vegas again ( so stay tuned.


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