Integrating Search: An Adventure Into Dependency Injection

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Recorded Live at Philly.NET CodeCamp April 2010

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Most good search engines out there today expose an API against which we can program.  No matter what search engine you like to use, understanding how to access its API is becoming more important as application mashups and platform interoperability become more and more common.  The interesting thing is that there's different types of APIs available out there and in fact, the three primary search engines, Bing, Google, and Yahoo, each expose a different type of API.  This session is not about the advantages or disadvantages of each search engine but on how to access each of their APIs, and using WCF too.  Then, with a dependency injection technique, I'll show you how to put them all together into a common API that will allow your application to use which ever search engine you want without changing code.  This session will expose you to WCF access to outside APIs, both SOAP and REST, and intro into basic dependency injection, and time-permitting I'll wrap this up into some drag-and-drop controls you can use in any application, web or windows, with no code on your part.

Miguel Castro is a principal consultant and trainer with SteelBlue Solutions and specializes in building and teaching how to build, .NET solutions. He is a Microsoft MVP, INETA Speaker, Conference Speaker, contributor to CoDe Magazine and, as well as an active blogger, and has been a software developer for over 20 years. With a Microsoft background that goes all the way back to VB 1.0 (and QuickBasic in fact).  Miguel has spoken at numerous user groups, code camps, and conferences around the country.  He has also been featured on the Internet Radio Talk Show, .NET Rocks, .NET Rocks-TV, Microsoft’s ARCast (Architecture Podcast), and The Polymorphic Podcast on numerous occasions.  His blog and other things of potential interest can be found at, where you can obtain his new CodeBreeze code-generator.  He currently resides in Lincoln Park, NJ with his wife Elena and his daughter Victoria.



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