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This is Part 1 of 2.

Developers for Developers is a group on Facebook filled with tips, tricks, and stories of battle from your fellow coders.  Some of the best stuff you can pick up in your career doesn't come from a book or a presentation. It comes from your fellow developer and his experiences. A quick hallway conversation, 15 minutes at someone's desk after a "Hey come check this out!".. these are the things that can make a difference! 

SharePoint Development - Making Sense of it All is the first in a series of Devs4Devs videos.

Topics covered:

- SharePoint Overview
- The different types of SharePoint Development
- Changing SharePoint with SharePoint itself
- SharePoint Designer
- How to setup a SharePoint Dev Environment
- Coding in the VPC
- Webpart creation and deployment
- Adding NextWeb content to Webparts - a working Silverlight Webpart.
- Some Blend coding and debugging. Tongue Out

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Dave "DaveDev" Isbitski



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    The Discussion

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      The one you saw me use in the video was the 30 day trial.  You can actually extend that one by entering a key from MSDN but that only gets you 12 months.  You will most likely wind up rolling your own or having people Terminal Service in to the Dev Box.  Another option is to develop the Web Parts locally without the VPC but remember when you deploy them to the remote server it will kick off an iisrestart.
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      Preaching​Llama was built on MCMS 2002, not on SharePoint
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      Ahh sorry about the confusion PreachingLlama.  I know there were plans to move off CMS now that most of the functionality in CMS is in the Presentation Templates for MOSS.  I guess things are still in transition like how parts of have been moved over. 

      There are certainly public facing sites we own however that are on MOSS like and
      The intent of the Xbox example was to show that an internet facing SharePoint site doesn't have to look like SharePoint.  Big Smile

      There is a nice list available of known SharePoint internet sites you can view here:

      Thanks for checking out the video!  Feel free to send me any suggestions or feedback you have for future videos.  Be sure to drop by the Devs4Devs group next time you are on Facebook too.  Big Smile
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      No worries Dave. What do you mean by the by the Presentation Templates, though? I'm not familiar with the term. Is it an SP1 thing?

      On a side note, how is put together. Are they using a filter/module to fix up the "/Pages/" in their URLs or some other trickery?

      Cheers for posting the video!

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      Presentation Templates is just a term used to describe the bundles you typically see a lot of design agencies and partners offering now.
      Basically it is a customized MOSS Publishing Site that has been set up with numerous workflows, custom css files and usually some added on Features.  They will then save these out as custom site templates that they can offer to their customers.  Typically the only thing that needs to be added afterwards is some look and feel (which can be done via SharePoint Designer or directly on the site itself) and Flash content.

      You can find a ton of different partner solutions up on OBACentral here.

      If you curious about creating custom features, workflows, or more about web publishing Ted Pattison has some nice screencasts on Channel9 you can find here.

      I agree about I am curious now too. Tongue Out I don't know who was involved with it specifically but you might try checking out  It has a good community around it that might have the answer.  They cover lots of topics and solutions too ranging from Sharepoint Customization to Silverlight.

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      You mention using the MOSS2007 VHD as a dev environment, but it's a 30-day trial. Is that just an example for the screencast or is there a way to extend that?

      I'm currently running Windows Server 2003 on my laptop for SharePoint dev, but eventually would like to move to running XP or Vista with a VPC for dev. It'd be much easier to use a prebuilt VPC than spinning one up myself.
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      Hi Dylan,

      Yes - I used a trial in the screencast which has the time limitation.  Wanted to be as realistic as possible. =) 

      If you haven't seen it yet, check out the cool new SharePoint Developer site ( .  It has an updated VPC image as well as some great tutorials.


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