Developers for Developers (Devs4Devs) Series - "SharePoint Development -Making Sense of it All&

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This is Part 2 of 2.

Developers for Developers is a group on Facebook filled with tips, tricks, and stories of battle from your fellow coders.  Some of the best stuff you can pick up in your career doesn't come from a book or a presentation. It comes from your fellow developer and his experiences. A quick hallway conversation, 15 minutes at someone's desk after a "Hey come check this out!".. these are the things that can make a difference! 

SharePoint Development - Making Sense of it All is the first in a series of Devs4Devs videos.

Topics covered:

- SharePoint Overview
- The different types of SharePoint Development
- Changing SharePoint with SharePoint itself
- SharePoint Designer
- How to setup a SharePoint Dev Environment
- Coding in the VPC
- Webpart creation and deployment
- Adding NextWeb content to Webparts - a working Silverlight Webpart.
- Some Blend coding and debugging. Tongue Out

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Dave "DaveDev" Isbitski



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