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By now you've probably heard the Buzz about Silverlight Deep Zoom. 

Now figure out how to code it yourself!

This video will walk you step by step through everything you need to know about DeepZoom.

- What it is
- Where to get the software and tools to code in it
- What has been updated in Silverlight 2.0 project styles compared to 1.1
- How to use DeepZoom Composer to create your own content
- How to code in panning and zooming
- And finally create your own cool application using both Deep Zoom and other media elements


Dave "DaveDev" Isbitski
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The Discussion

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    Great post - many thanks.

    A somewhat unrelated question... Where did you get your OS X looking launcher?

    It looks like you're running Vista judging by your side bar or is it just a theme for XP?


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    Thanks!  I get bored with my desktop a lot and seem to change it around every few weeks or so.  I have had the start menubar on the top before, on the left, and in this one it was on the right - hehe. 

    The OSX like launcher is called Stardock ObjectDock and I have been really impressed by it.  They have a free version too that is fully functional.  You can download it here:

    Who says Windows has to look boring right? Wink 


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