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This is part 2 of 3.
Silverlight - What, Where and How?

I've been demoing Silverlight for some of our enterprise customers, conferences, and  local user groups for several months now.  If there is one thing I've see it is people are very opinionated about what MS is trying to do with it.  Silverlight is just the next ActiveX out to destroy the world, right? Big Smile  I felt a video like this would be important to give you insight on where Silverlight came from not just what it can do.
In the video I cover several topics:
- Why Silverlight?  What is Microsoft up to?
- Web Development today - the need for User Experience
- What is this XAML stuff? WPF?
- Good Overview and hands on with Expression Blend
- What you need to get started today and where you can get it. Does it cost anything?
- Demos sprinkled throughout to help reinforce concepts
- I take you step by step in creating your first Silverlight application (yes I used 2.0 this time).
         - Storyboards, Images, setting properties, firing/capturing events, using the VS2008 Tools, even adding Ink support.
         - Just for giggles I also show how easy it is to put the new control inside a Vista Gadget.
- Lots of links to additional resources and where you can get more help.

My hope is that after watching this video you will have a clear understanding of where the Microsoft Platform is heading when it comes to NextWeb and the Presentation Technology Space and also how we got there.  You should also feel comfortable creating Silverlight content in both VS2008 and Blend and how you can use it in your projects today.  I know I definitely  had a blast coding with it. Big Smile

Dave "DaveDev" Isbitski

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