Drone Rules and things to know with Erik Petersen

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The Discussion

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    Thanks Jacob, our time ran short, had a great time, can't wait for our next episode. I also want to recognize my other co-admins (I already mentioned Vic) on groups/faapart107, Doren Sean Micheal, Brett Woods, Carlos Espiga.

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    Can't believe M-Soft PAYS this dude! he can't articulate anything worth waiting for! jeez Jacob!, please get better speakers for your sho! I watch every episodeand this one, by far was just terrible! Maybe you should have your speakers refrain from imbibing, or smokin dope for 48 hours before any appearance on your show....

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    Awesome video! You covered the topic in depth. For those looking to get the basics, I really recommend this guide: http://3dinsider.com/drone-safety/

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