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In Edge Show 141, learn how to use the new Chef Provisioning capabilities to provision machines and applications to Microsoft Azure in this demo heavy interview with John Keiser from Chef. John walks through all the steps you need to get this running yourself as well as helpful insights from one of the engineers responsible for developing this functionality.  More specifically we cover:

  • [09:25] What is the history behind Chef provisioning and why does it exist?
  • [02:19] Were there other names to Chef provisioning and why did it change?
  • [03:03] Demo: Format of a Chef provisioning recipe
  • [05:00] Demo: setup pre-requisite steps to be able to use Chef provisioning
  • [07:04] Demo: editing the provisioning recipe
  • [09:10] Demo: executing the provisioning recipe in local mode (chef-client -z)
  • [11:01] Demo: how to create 10 machines using chef provisioning
  • [13:10] Demo: re-running a chef provisioning recipe where the machine already exists

Chef Provisioning Azure on Github

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The Discussion

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    Hi there, I can successfully create a windows machines but not run a chef recipe on it. The winrm doesn't connect somehow. I swapped image provisioned to be Ubuntu and it works fine. Tried the GitHub page for examples but it doesn't work either, I then tried lots of edits, can't crack it... Could anyone provide a complete provisioning.rb example for windows that then runs a chef recipe? No need for a full chef cookbook, just an example that can boot and apply a one line recipe. Thanks!

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    Stuart Preston

    Version 0.3 (released today) has the functionality in to do this, you can get it right now from RubyGems, and this means the examples shown in the Readme should now work for you. You can find me on twitter or via my GitHub profile @stuartpreston and I'd be glad to try and help you further.

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