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In the news sections David and Joey cover:

Technical Interview:

Starting at [04:03] We interview Senior product manager for Office, Jeremy Chapman about various ways you can be productive with Office and Office 365 on various devices like iPads, Android slates, iPhones, Windows Phones, Windows PCs, and Macintoshes. Additionally, we cover some ways you might block access to Office/documents for specific devices. We spend a good portion of the interview with demos of Office 365 web apps, co-authoring, and blocking access using IIS.

  • What are all of the types of devices we can be productive with office on?
    • Rich Client or Device-optimized (PC/MAC, Windows Phone, OpenXML, Office Viewer, etc)
    • Virtualization solutions (Full DV or Remote App)
    • Web Apps (SPS & O365)
  • Specifically with the Web apps, what are all of the browsers we support?
  • DEMO of web apps and Co-authoring on iPad
  • What are some of the ways we can protect information on these different type of devices?
    • On trusted devices, make sure machine is healthy and information is encrypted locally – Bitlocker, NAP, SCEP, SCCM
    • Information protection at the source - AD RMS
    • On untrusted devices: Office group policies (i.e. over Virt solutions), IIS (i.e. with SharePoint), UAG
  • DEMO prevent specific devices from having specific access to IIS servers / SharePoint sites


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