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See how to monitor global application availability with Application Insights in this demo-heavy interview with Principal Program Manager Vlad Joanovic. Vlad shows us how entirely from the cloud service Application Insights provides you can in minutes start monitoring availability of your website without need to install any agents or modify any code.  Application Insights is a free preview right now connected to your Visual Studio Online account.

In the technical interview that starts at [06:33], we cover:

  • [07:33] What are the options to monitor availability and performance from Application Insights?
  • [08:57] Demo: Availability Dashboard and creating a new application
  • [10:35] Demo: Editing the default first test and basic availability test configuration options
  • [11:25] How does Application Insights integrate with Global Service Monitor?
  • [12:43] Demo: How to create a new webtest and modify it
  • [13:56] Demo: Importing and using the webtest in Application Insights
  • When might you use webtests versus basic availability tests?
  • [15:47] Demo: Additional options available with webtests
  • [16:30] Demo: Drilling into availability test data
  • [18:00] Demo: Snapshot of performance data if you are to use the performance agent in addition

Sign up for a free trial of Visual Studio Online (which includes App Insights Preview) - https://aka.ms/vsotrial

See more short educational video demos on the Application Insights Channel 9 series page.


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