Edge Show 102 - BitLocker: Preauth, PINS, UEFI and protections

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    BooksArePretty! Security is decidedly the topic of the day so I have been boning up on the subject for this past week. I decided BitLocker would fit the bill, except I don't think I have a TPM.

      Watching this show has made me realize its still doable. I have a 64bit machine running Windows 8.1 so this will just be lovely. Thank you.

      Recently my laptop has been becoming unresponsive so I've been opening TaskManager, expanding the offending host and bumping off processes until the CPU % comes back in line. Now when I looked into my event viewer it Informed me that "Skype" had shut down and I had not been running it! 

      On a side note, 3 days ago my roomie received an e-mail that claimed to have a bitchen update for "Angry Birds" that could be downloaded from "SpyPhone.com\whatEver"! Okay...

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