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Learn why IT Pros should care about DevOps and clear up some common misconceptions in this special episode of the Edge Show with Morgan Webb and I.  More specifically at [08:36], we cover:

  • Why should IT Pros even care about DevOps?
  • [11:18] How does DevOps involve the business, development, and IT?
  • [12:20] What are the three P's of DevOps?
  • [13:22] Does Microsoft believe your company should go hire a "DevOps Engineer"?
  • [16:48] The Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) graphics framework we developed
  • [17:20] Open Source product Ecosystem related to DevOps
  • [19:00] Microsoft product Ecosystem related to DevOps
  • [20:54] How can the Cloud OS help as a hosting platform even if you have open source?
  • [22:30] How can you use some of your existing skills like PowerShell or System Center for DevOps purpose?

DevOps Blog - https://aka.ms/DevOpsBlog

DevOps resources from TechEd NA 2014


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P.S. Note: I'm the IT Guy in the red shirt ;)



The Discussion

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    I recently commented on the benefits of Microsoft's DevOps resources but left out Channel 9. This resource is also entertaining and informative. it's ease of use makes it extremely useful. Thank you!

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    Thanks BearlyAlive!  Glad you liked this episode.

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