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Learn how to get started running a Puppet infrastructure on top of Microsoft Azure IaaS and understand the fundamentals of how Puppet works in this demo-heavy interview with Ross Gardler, Senior Technical Evangelist in Microsoft Open Tech.

More specifically at [04:55], we cover:

  • What is Puppet?
  • [06:13] Demo: Provisioning a Puppet master from the Azure gallery VM image
  • [08:44] Demo: Provisioning a VM with the Puppet agent installed
  • [10:58] Can the agent communicate over the public IP of the cloud service or on an internal Azure vNet as well?
  • [11:55] Demo: Endpoints which need to be configured to communicate with the Puppet Master
  • [12:40] Demo: Logging into the Puppet Master console
  • [13:48] Demo: Configuring a Puppet manifest
  • [17:30] Demo: manually refreshing the Puppet agent after logging into the VM
  • [18:28] Where can people find a number of community created manifests?
  • [20:48] How does the agent know which manifests to apply?
  • [22:08] What does the Puppet Forge module for Azure do and when would you typically use it?


Updates to the Puppet Forge Module for Microsoft Azure

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