Edge Show 113 - New Azure Portal DevOps UX

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See how the new Azure Portal lights up an end-to-end development and operations experience through all phases of the application lifecycle in this demo-heavy session with Stephen Siciliano, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft. 

In the technical interview that starts at [04:52], we cover:

  • [05:45] What ways can the new Azure portal help with "DevOps user experiences"?
  • [06:44] Demo: New team project
  • [08:10] Demo: Editing code inside the portal
  • [10:22] Demo: Code differential from commits
  • [11:00] Demo: Setting up continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) with Azure Websites
  • [12:24] What are some recommended practices for setting up staging environments and branching?
  • [13:37] Demo: CI & CD deployment history
  • [15:48] Demo: Metrics and Monitoring for native Azure infrastructure
  • [15:25] Demo: Lighting up additional functionality with Application Insights
  • [17:31] Demo: Customizing the Azure portal itself for Ops

Sign up for Visual Studio Online for free (which includes App Insights Preview) - https://aka.ms/vsotrial
Sign up for an Azure Trial at https://aka.ms/AzTrial and then visit the preview portal at http://portal.azure.com


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    Great demo hardly felt the pain in my legs in gym this morning 😌

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