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Learn how to get started running Docker on top of Microsoft Azure IaaS and understand some fundamentals of Docker in this demo-heavy interview with Andrew Weiss, ASSC Consultant at Microsoft.  After you've got the fundamentals down from this interview you might want to check out the more advanced topic of running Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure for container cluster management.

More specifically at [07:25], we cover:

  • What is Docker?
  • [09:32] How does Docker relate to anything Microsoft?
  • [10:28] Demo: Getting started
    • Docker commands, Azure cross-platform CLI
    • Getting the Azure image list
    • Create the Ubuntu Linux + Docker VM
  • [16:34] Recap of what just happened and options on where to deploy containers
  • [17:45] Why run your Docker containers on Azure versus locally?
  • [19:03] Demo: Provisioning an application on top of Docker (in containers) on Azure
    • Show the Docker VM in the new Azure portal
    • Opening up endpoints to the Docker VM via Azure xPlat CLI
    • Getting information about remote Docker host via Docker commands
    • Pulling down mongo image from the Docker repository to the Azure Docker VM
    • Pulling down sample web app image from the Docker repository to the Azure Docker VM
    • Configuring the Docker container to utilize the new images
    • Assign private IP address for the image
    • Passing environment variables to and initializing the container
    • Opening up the application running in the Docker container on the Azure cloud service
  • [28:20] What options might you have to configure the environment after it is initially provisioned?
  • [31:45] Where can people go to learn more?
    MS Open Tech: Docker support on Microsoft Azure
    Microsoft TechNet Blog - PowerShell DSC for Docker and Linux


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The Discussion

  • User profile image

     Hi, Guys,

    Just done my test run of Docker on Azure following Ross's tutorial here:


    (This link is not easy to find).

    I've got a question though: apparently Docker is a great tool to deploy everything Linux, what if we want similar experience to deploy ASP.NET, Windows Service, WCF etc.?

    Is there plan to let Windows support Operating System Level Virtualisation something LXC can do? If not, why?


    Best regards,


  • User profile image

    Typo alert: Your video starts of saying this is episode 116 (which is correct), but your web page on channel9.msdn.com and on your Windows App says it is 117.

  • User profile image

    @GeoffWass: thanks for catching that, fixing it now. But the url change might take awhile.

  • User profile image

    @xied75: You can develop for ASP.NET on Docker using the open source Mono framework. More info here: http://www.mono-project.com/.  As far as Windows Service, WCF, etc development, this is restricted to Windows as they are proprietary technologies that simply don't exist on Linux.

    As for your second question - Microsoft is aware of this idea, but we have nothing to discuss at this time.



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