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Gene Kim gives great practical advice and insight to IT Pros / Operations about DevOps in this special interview on the Edge Show.  Want to be the Kung-Fu operations master of your DevOps future?  Get a glimpse of what it might look like.

More specifically at [06:43], we cover:

  • Reference to the TechNet Radio interview with Jessica Devita
  • What are some common objections you see from IT / Operations who are resisting or ignoring this DevOps transformation going on in the industry?
  • [09:19] What are some practical tips you might recommend an IT/Ops person to start working with Developers?
  • [11:54] Do you see Ops helping out with feedback loops (part of the second way) even while you're making progress on the first way?
  • [14:03] Would you see Ops helping all the way in the planning phase of the application lifecycle?
  • [15:33] How do you see IT/Ops be a critical part to the Third Way in implementing a culture of Hypothesis Driven Development and continuous experimentation?
  • [17:53] You have a book called Visible Ops related to ITIL processes. At a high-level how does ITIL relate to DevOps?
  • [19:19] What are some ways you know ITIL is counter-productive to implementing DevOps principles?
  • [19:50] How might you benefit from the good things ITIL provides as it relates to DevOps and eliminate or limit the counter-productive behaviors?

Here's more information on the DevOps Enterprise Summit from Gene Kim:
We've assembled leaders of large and complex organizations who are adopting DevOps are sharing their transformation stories. Our goal is to show that DevOps is for horses, and not just for unicorns.  We have announced speakers from GE Energy, Macy's, Disney, Blackboard, Ticketmaster/LiveNation, Barclays Capital, US Department of Homeland Security, UK.gov, Nordstrom, Capital One, Raytheon and more... If you love heroic and courageous tales of DevOps transformations — of how people overcame suspicion and vanquished low-trust, command-and-control bureaucracies — this conference is for you! Attend in San Francisco on Oct 21-23. http://devopsenterprise.io 
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