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See why Azure resource manager is so important for anyone who uses Azure, an enabler of a key DevOps practice using infrastructure and configuration as code, and learn about how it works in this demo-heavy interview with Kevin Lam, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft. We also demo the newly released Role Based Access Control (RBAC) feature inside of Microsoft Azure.

More specifically at [06:23], we cover:

  • What is Azure Resource Manager? Resource Groups, Management Layer, RBAC, Deployment Templates
  • [10:12] Demo: PowerShell to view and download deployment templates
  • [11:28] Demo: Viewing the deployment template from the gallery
  • [12:00] Demo: Understanding some deployment template fundamentals
  • [15:04] Demo: Understanding the parameters template file
  • [16:15] Demo: Deployment of the infrastructure and application using the custom template via PowerShell
  • [17:12] Why might you use deployment templates and Azure Resource manager for provisioning over other methods like native PowerShell, Microsoft Azure Markup Language (MAML), Chef, or Puppet?
  • [17:55] Demo: Visualization of Resource groups in the new Azure Portal
  • [21:00] Demo: Assigning permissions using Role Based Access Control (RBAC)


Windows 10 preview is here!

Register for the Azure Resource Manager LIVE Jumpstart October 9th or view the course recording at a later date

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The Discussion

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    Ryan Graham

    Azure Resource Manager looks really awesome. Can you share when we'll be able to create resources such as Azure ServiceBus, Cloud Services, etc?

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    @Ryan Graham: Sorry, no timeline specifically. I know the teams are trying hard to get all of the resources under this new management model!

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