Edge Show 129 – Storage Replication in the next version of Windows Server

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In this episode Symon interviews Claus Joergensen (Principal Program Manager) and Ned Pyle (Senior Program Manager) about replication enhancements coming in the next version of Windows Server. Claus first talks about Shared-Nothing Storage Spaces, which provides storage for a failover cluster using direct-attached storage, rather than a SAN. Next Ned talks about the new Storage Replica feature which provide a native synchronous replication solution for multi-site clusters and disaster recovery.

The interview with Claus about Shared-Nothing Storage Spaces begins at [06:45]:

  • What were the main storage design goals for this release?
  • How does a scale-out file server work?
  • How does DAS-only storage work in a failover cluster?
  • How does this solution provide higher-availability for virtual machines?
  • Where can people go to learn more about this solution?

The interview with Ned about Storage Replica begins at [21:00]:

  • What is the difference between Hyper-V Replica (with asynchronous replication) and Storage Replica (with synchronous replication)?
  • How does synchronous replication provide higher-availability?
  • What type of files or disks can be replicated?
  • What are the distance and latency limitations?
  • How has storage quality of service (QoS) been enhanced?
  • Where can people go to learn more about this feature?




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The Discussion

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    Re-balancing is an excellent feature for the new domain node, but will re-balancing work on existing storage pools?  For instance in 2012 R2 a storage pool was created, if I add disks to that pool, I cannot re-balance.  Are you saying that in Windows 10 Server we will be able to add more disks and re-balance, even on a single node?

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    Also... Scale Out File Servers is Great... will we ever see a SoFS for Office Workloads and Regular File Shares?

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    @JStellato: Hi JStellato - great questions.

    Regarding the re-balancing, this will a feature only available in the next version, so this will not work with existing (WS 2012 R2) servers.  In the next version, rebalancing will happen on a supported configuration, which at this time requires at least 4 nodes.

    SOFS is designed for several specific workloads based on IO traffic between the application (Hyper-V VM) and the storage.  There wouldn't be much benefit in having this for things like Word docs because they produce such little IO.  For regular file shares we recommend using a clustered file server which has been around for several releases: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc731844(v=WS.10).aspx (this guide is for 2008 R2, but the steps are the same for 2012)


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