Edge Show 129 – Storage Replication in the next version of Windows Server

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The Discussion

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    Re-balancing is an excellent feature for the new domain node, but will re-balancing work on existing storage pools?  For instance in 2012 R2 a storage pool was created, if I add disks to that pool, I cannot re-balance.  Are you saying that in Windows 10 Server we will be able to add more disks and re-balance, even on a single node?

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    Also... Scale Out File Servers is Great... will we ever see a SoFS for Office Workloads and Regular File Shares?

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    @JStellato: Hi JStellato - great questions.

    Regarding the re-balancing, this will a feature only available in the next version, so this will not work with existing (WS 2012 R2) servers.  In the next version, rebalancing will happen on a supported configuration, which at this time requires at least 4 nodes.

    SOFS is designed for several specific workloads based on IO traffic between the application (Hyper-V VM) and the storage.  There wouldn't be much benefit in having this for things like Word docs because they produce such little IO.  For regular file shares we recommend using a clustered file server which has been around for several releases: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc731844(v=WS.10).aspx (this guide is for 2008 R2, but the steps are the same for 2012)


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