Edge Show 134: It's Ben Armstrong and what's new in Hyper-V

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In Edge Show episode 134, Rick is getting back in touch with on-premises technologies that are still very close to his heart.  This episode has Rick reaching out to Ben Armstrong from the Hyper-V team to talk about all things new in Hyper-V found in the Technical Preview 1 of Windows Server.  Ben outlines 2 or 3 big things and a bunch of "popcorn". ;)

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The Discussion

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    After having done a couple of rolling (Hyper-V) cluster upgrades in the lab I can tell you this already works very well in TP1 and is very welcome capability. Looking forward to TP2 ... and RTM :)

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    Love it, keep the goodness coming.  I have a simple feature request, in Hyper-V Manager (henceforth known as Verti-Flex), can you make it so we can see all the VM's for all our Hyper-V machines.  We have some deployments that necessitate that our Hyper-V Servers not be clustered or have VMM.  For those instances it's a bunch of extra clicks to monitor what's going on for all the Hyper-V boxes.  It would be sweet if the manager didn't crash as much, do you guys get telemetry on that?  That program crashes so often on a multitude of deployments.






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    Each time Ben appears on your show, you should give him an expensive Lego gift ;-)

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    Great show.

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