Edge Show 21 - MCSE Reinvented and Windows Powershell Web Access

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News Items: Only one - New Certification Announcements from Microsoft Learning!!

[06:06] Technical Interview:Mike Emard came by to talk about “PowerShell Web Access”.

Yes – use any device with a standards based browser to run PowerShell against target systems in your environment.



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The Discussion

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    I loves me some "certificacion". Also, I've seen that green hat somewhere before...

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    You Da Man @jbristowe.  I've seen that shirt and headshot before too... Getting some new ones sportin' the Australian tan?

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    Sean Kearney

    I am course just drooling all over the floor. Powershell WebAccess FTW!

    Now from a SECURITY standpoint on a front facing website, I would almost think you would want a scenario where the device must be PRE-authorized with some type of certificate or offload the connection through a secondary provider like JuniperVPN. Powershell is cool. SECURE Powershell rocks the world :)

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    @Sean Kearney: it's secure - you control what users can talk through the gateway and hit select target systems. You can then also decide what PowerShell scripts / modules they can load and run as well as what systems they are allowed to target.  It's a sweeeeet solution.

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    pls send me the upgrading edge technologies utilization

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