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David Tesar recently met with Bala Natarajan, Program Manager for DirectAccess, to discuss the enhancements in Windows Server 2012.  DirectAccess helps with the consumerization shift by providing Windows clients with seamless, more secure access to corporate data from virtually any Internet connection.

In this interview, we cover:

  • What is DirectAccess?
  • [08:01] What are some of the new enhancements in Windows Server 2012?
  • [11:44] Demo - Direct Access behind the scenes info on Quick Start wizard and configuring DirectAccess
  • [13:57] When should you use the getting started wizard versus the remote access setup wizard?
  • [16:14] Which network topology should you choose?
  • [17:07] Does the DirectAccess server need to be domain joined?
  • [17:33] What should you specify for the public name or IP and what does this do?
  • [18:42] How does it know what clients to provide access to?
  • [20:19] Configuration options after the wizard
  • [20:33] Remote client configuration options and the Network Connectivity Assistant
  • [24:10] How do clients know to connect to CORP resources versus Internet ones? Where is this configured?


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