Edge Show 57: Windows 8 Enterprise Applications

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    If you drag a tile towards the bottom of the screen, the startscreen will do a zoom out/sematic zoom. you don't have to draaaaaag it all across or manually do a zoom out - just drag it towards the bottom of the screen first, and then drag.


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    Not exactly enterprise related question:
    What's the options, if i have Windows 8 Pro on my laptop and want do develop Windows 8 app for personal use on several home machines?

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    From what I know you aren't able to side load applications to PRO only enterprise, you should be able to use an emulator though on Windows PRO.

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    BinaryDigit, thanks for clarification.

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    Sooooo.... If I am just a normal development shop I have two options.  Pay $$$ to get a side load key for Windows 8, or just keep using Windows 7.

    Hmmmm, wonder which one my company will choose? 

    Really, whose bright idea was it to penalize companies like this?  Microsoft is basically saying, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 8.  If you do you will be punished! 

    We will make you pay!

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