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Yu-Shun Wang, Program Manager for Windows Azure Networking, discusses the new networking enhancements currently in preview and lets us know some of the implementations they are considering for future releases. We dive into how to setup and configure and then demo the new point-to-site networking in Windows Azure.

In this interview that starts at [04:21], we cover:

  • The differences between site-to-site and point to site VPN connections and when you might want to use one versus the other.
  • [07:09] Can you use point-to-site and site-to-site to the same virtual network?
  • [08:03] How do you connect two Windows Azure virtual networks to each other? How do you connect multiple sites to a single Windows Azure virtual network?
  • [09:04] Demo—How to setup and configure a new point-to-site virtual network connection?
    • Create a new Virtual Network
    • How many clients can the point-to-site connection handle?
    • What the gateway subnet does and when you should add it
    • [16:38] What kinds of certificates can you use?
    • [19:30] How the certificate gets attached to the VPN client and when to install it
    • [21:42] What protocols does point-to-site use and what ports do you need to open up on your firewall?
  • [22:10] Demo—point-to-site connection working between a VM in Windows Azure and a client machine over the internet.
  • [23:50] What is the difference between dynamic and static routing in Windows Azure Networking? When should you use dynamic versus static routing?
  • [25:50] What routing protocols are used with dynamic routing? Are we looking into supporting any routing protocols?


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The Discussion

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    site to site vpn demo is needed. Please upload the similar topics.

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    Bob Reynolds

    On the point to site network the issue that I see is one of user management. Say you build this and then deploy client certs out to a bunch of people. Eventually there will be a need to remove access from someone and I see no easy way to do this short of creating a new root cert and a bunch of new user certs. Does the Azure team have any plans to provide a better solution.

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