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Chris Jackson, Principal Architect & app-compat guru, gives the latest scoop in the app-compat space and insight to what's next beyond application compatibility.  The interview was recorded on the stage at TechEd North America 2013, but the news is from this week.

The interview starts at [05:31] and more specifically covers:

  • Why this TechEd could be his last app-compat session delivered at TechEd
  • Re-thinking of how to design application infrastructure to be highly available for the future
  • [11:17] Are you in trouble if you have apps only supported on Windows XP today?
  • [14:47] Costs to support older version of applications versus upgrading or rewriting
  • [T16:29] How has application compatibility testing changed?
  • [19:35] How does math and stats play a role in creating your plan?
  • [21:53] Where to find more information on app compat?
  • [21:22] Why are people still choosing Windows 7 for upgrading and what are some of the cases on why you should move to Windows 8 now for apps instead?  i.e. Security.


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