Edge Show 68 - Brad Anderson In The Cloud blog series with People Centric IT

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Special edition of The Edge Show where Rick gets some time to talk with Brad Anderson, Vice President of Windows Server and System Center. This is a behind the scenes look at his 9 part Blog Series covering three of the planning pillars used to guide the development of Windows Server 2012 R2 and System Center 2012 R2.

The whole blog series can be viewed in his "In The Cloud" blog.

Some of the topics covered in this interview:

  • [00:58] How Microsoft approaches building product and services.
  • [04:42] Where did the design pillars come from?
  • [06:39] Going deeper into scenarios from People Centric IT.
  • [14:41] What software revisions are required to enable these technologies?
  • [19:03] What's involved to get these blog posts crafted?
  • [23:43] In The Cloud Blog, comments and Next Steps section.
  • [25:08] WorkFolders example for People Centric IT scenario
  • [28:05] Any "Ah-ha moments" from the Demos used in your keynotes?
  • [29:18] What's planned for the next posts in the series?

Read the Blog Series at "In The Cloud" blog: https://blogs.technet.com/b/in_the_cloud

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