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Learn about the new preview of Windows Azure AD application access enabling seamless SSO integration with apps like BOX, SkyDrive, ADP, and Office365 in this interview with Mark Wahl, Principal Program Manager for Windows Azure Active Directory.  We spend most of the time in demos showing you the client experience, how to configure integration with an application, and security analysis functionality enabled in this preview.

In this interview that starts at [02:32], we cover:

  • Setting some context with AD versus Windows Azure AD
  • [05:05] Demo - What does the end-user experience look like for the SaaS Single-sign-on application portal?
  • [06:11] Can you automatically sign-in to the portal without having to type a username or password at all from a domain user account logged in to a corporate machine?
  • [06:40] What applications including 3rd-party do we support today in preview?
  • [08:08] Demo — How does the Admin setup the application integration and user application access portal?
    • [08:25]  If you already have a Microsoft Product which uses Windows Azure Active Directory like Office 365, how can you enable this functionality?
    • [10:40] When would you want to use the "Users authenticate with their existing app account" option?
    • [12:49] Configuring automatic provisioning and de-provisioning of user accounts to the SaaS applications
    • [21:42] What protocols does point-to-site use and what ports do you need to open up on your firewall?
  • [15:40] Demo — How can you determine if your account is compromised which is only in Windows Azure AD?
  • [16:48] Can you configure alerts or notifications with the security reports?


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