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Learn the inside scoop on Windows Azure auto scale in this interview with Sr Program Manager Stephen Siciliano. We dive into the how and why behind auto scaling your Windows Azure virtual machines, websites, and cloud services with tons of demos.

In this interview that starts at [03:14], we cover:

  • How does Windows Auto Scale work (i.e. know how to scale by how much and when)?
  • [05:17] Why not set the max closer to 100% as opposed to the default?
  • [06:15] When might you want to change the cool down time to less than the default of 20 minutes and why did we pick this number?
  • [07:02] Why did we choose a wait time of 5 minutes to do another check after taking actions?
  • [08:12] Demo - Auto scale Windows Azure Websites based on CPU %
  • [09:30] Demo - Auto scale Windows Azure Virtual Machines based on CPU %
    • How does it work to scale to multiple virtual machine instances?
    • How can you add more instances to scale?
    • What if you have more than one availability group?
    • Does Auto scale monitor the average CPU across all instances?
    • How do you know when an auto scale action took place?
  • [14:22] Demo - Auto scale Windows Azure cloud services
    • Scale by using scheduled times
    • [16:17] Scale by using queues
    • How does target per machine work?
  • [18:55] When might you use scaling by queue for Windows Azure virtual machine and how does this work?

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